Saturday, October 3, 2015

To Claire and Dad, My Love

Every night when I pray with Claire the conversation ends the same way:

Me "I love you Claire"
Claire "I love you mom"
Me "God loves you"
Claire "I know"
Me "You are so special"
Claire "I know"

I'm so glad you know Claire.  I pray you will always know how special and loved you are.  You have so much to teach the world.  Your love for people is contagious. Strangers can't resist your open arms and welcoming spirit.  You know how to make a friends faster than anyone I have ever met, including your Papa which is quite an accomplishment because Jim Klein is a boss at making friends.  You are a kind person Claire and I am so in love with who you are.  I am not me without you.

A parents love for their child is so powerful.  As a child I knew that I could never out-cuddle my dad.  He could sit on the couch and squish cheeks for hours and not be satisfied.  His capacity for loving me was unmeasurable and I knew it.  What a gift.  I remember just how his voice sounds when he says "you are my little girl" because I have heard it a million times.  Now I cuddle my little girls and think of him, this must be how he felt holding me on his lap, refusing to let go.  I'll eat you up I love you so.

Love the greatest gift we can give our kids, our family, our friends...  I am crazy about each one of my 4 kids and I want to tell them so many times they can remember it like a song, like a picture, something that is real when life is dark.  Even more then that, I want them to know Jesus's love.  How he hand made each of them, one of a kind, princesses.  That he died to be with.  Parents are not perfect but God's love never ends.  He knew you from before you were born dear ones and he holds you on his lap and says "you are my little girl." 

My father loves me, he knows who I am, that will never change.  

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