Friday, October 9, 2015

Getting Organized

Life saver!  I have been loving our new homework/chores station.  Why didn't I do it sooner?  

Morning Board 
(make bed, laundry in hamper, breakfast, get dressed, hair, teeth, shoes, backpack) 

Every morning I'm running around in circles like a crazy person, "put your shoes on, brush your teeth, where is your back pack, where is your coat, where is your homework, did you eat breakfast, oh my goodness where are your shoes..."  while four children wonder around looking at me with vacant expressions.  This has to stop!

After school and Bed Time Routine  
(chores, homework, shower, laundry in hamper, pajamas, vitamins, drink, teeth, potty) 

Thank you Pinterest, you are saving grace to a mama on the edge.  $10 project (with my 40% anything Hobby Lobby couple from the app) 

-Magnetic white board, two sided 
-Magnets (I made mine out of plastic jewels we had laying around and magnet tape) 
-print pictures of the kids getting ready responsibilities, morning on one side and after school/ bed time on the other side. 

This table lives by our front door and all the backpacks sit underneeth on the bottom shelf.

These two magazine files are awesome.  One has a folder for each child with their classroom info in to (monthly class calendar, phone numbers, whatever the plural for syllabus is for the high schooler...).  The other is where everyone puts the homework they need to do and things I need to sign for them.  Paper piles can bring me to tears.  The mountain of paper from school gets mixed up with the bills and junk mail and coloring pages and whatever else was hanging around on our kitchen countertop and oh my I have to resist the urge to toss it all.  Good luck trying to find that one piece of paper as the bus is pulling up, it is consumed by the pile and it will now take approximately twenty minuets to retrieve.  This system has taken away so much stress for me.  

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