Monday, October 5, 2015

Down Syndrome Day in Third Grade

At the end of September Claire, Alice, my dear friend Amy and I went to talk to Claire's third grade class about Down Syndrome.  I did a very similar talk and take home work book with her class last year so I will leave a link to that post claires big day, talking to students about Down Syndrome  if you would like to see what the materials and content are like.

The kids were so great again this year!  What is wonderful experience to watch eight and nine year olds relate to Claire and try to see the world through her eyes.  One of the kids who was in her class last year was talking to her table about Claire.  She said "having Down Syndrome is hard you guys.  We can take these socks off our hands but Claire never really can.  Claire works so hard," Melt my heart!

I got a message on Facebook just a few days latter asking for a play date from one of Claire's classmates.  I was a little nervous as to how Claire would respond.  She is very friendly and engaging when she is reaching out but not so much when it is a surprise.  On Saturday I told her that her friend was coming.  She immediately said "From Mrs....'s class?!" me "yes" Claire "wow, I'm so excited!"  And she really was.  The girls played together the entire time and the mom was just lovely.  What a treat!

It is not often that a parent of a typically developing child will reach out like that.  It is also not super common that another nine year old would be so thoughtful to want to come and play with a child who is significantly behind them developmentally.  Very cool.

Alice age 4, Claire age 9

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