Sunday, October 5, 2014

Walking With Acorns

I took the girls on a walk to the park for lunch yesterday. 

Did I mention I LOVE our new neighborhood.  I am so thankful for our new home!

Claire was dancing to the Frozen soundtrack in her head most of the way.  

I think raising Claire in this development is going to make growing up in Ephrata (the small town I'm from) as a triplet (which was pretty famous especially when your Daddy is as proud as mine) look like anonymity.  Every time we have gone to the park while kids are playing at least one of the children knows Claire.  Today a boy from her class was playing with his sisters.  They had a blast.

It's the perfect distance from our house to the park.  Far enough to be considered exercise but not so far that I lazy-talk myself out of it, which I have been know to do, a lot.

This picture reminds me of a woman I met not too long ago at Zumba.  A woman with Down Syndrome... I want to say joined us but... she snuck away from her activity and wanted to dance.  I felt a little bad for the lady who was trying to encourage her to come back.  She was like "come with me please" and without thinking we were all like "awww, it's okay."  The woman was up front at the mirror showing off her ballet moves and we were all totally digging it.

Then I was quickly reminded of all the times Claire jumped onto a stranger's lap or stole someones pizza and the response was "awwww it's okay" and I had to be the mean mom.  No, it's not Okay, stop saying it's okay.  If my five year old stole your pizza or jumped on your lap you would not think it was appropriate. (Actually, I never say these things.  It's just what I'm thinking as I smiling at the person, trying to be palliate, get Claire's attention, talk to her and oh, where have my other children gone?...)  So then I'm like, how can I help because right now I'm part of the problem.  Why would Claire or anyone go do something less enjoyable when they are being encouraged to do this super fun thing, like bust a move with cool ladies or eating free pizza?  The ladies in Zumba are all looking at me like isn't she sweet and she is totally sweet but also totally not listening to her helper. 

Ya, I have no words of wisdom here.  The helper had to grab her by the arm to get her to come and I was like "nice to meet you."

So I guess this is turning into a confession.  She is so cute, I know it, so I'll forgive you if your like "awww, it's okay" because I do it to (not so much with Claire but with other adorable people).  However, if you are feeling strong, please resist.

There are acorns scattered on a stretch of our walk to the park.  The girls cup them in their palms like little treasures.  Why is this so cute?  Maybe it's just one of those mom things but I love my growing pile of acorns lovingly carried back home.

Fall days are so precious.  I love this season partly because we don't get enough of it to take any for granted.  Winter drags on so long after the holidays and I'm told people get sick go the summer heat although it has never happened to me.  There are only a few weekends of beautiful fall weather in this part of the country.  Each one appreciated for it's fading beauty, like a rose fully opened, fragrant and magnificent but inevitably dying.  Breath in the smells, crunch in the leave, taste the harvest. 

Happy Down Syndrome awareness month!

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