Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Too Messy

We Moved!  Yeah!  Well, now it's yeah but at the time it was like "Oh my goodness what are we going to do? Quick, sell that house and get the heck out of Spokane as soon as possible!"

After somewhat getting over my anxiety about pulling our 8 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome from public school and homeschooling her (you can read if your curious) we were faced with living in the house we were trying to sell.  Having 3 small kids and a baby with special needs at home while homeschooling a child with special needs, while doing foster care, while trying to keep your house ready to show at any moment is not a fate I would wish on anyone.  We also had some major work to Finnish up at the house, so yes, construction as well.  It was crazy!  

Thank God the house sold quickly and we were able to find a new one in an area outside of town we had talking about for years.  We staggered into our new community, exhausted and weary.  I looked around and thought, we are way too messy for this place.  My whole life felt like a mess; like the last box you pack while moving which is inevitable filled with random left over junk like: a baseball, one toddler shoe, a stapler, tape, three books, gum, two toy cars, canned fruit, mail and the sand toys you forgot to grab thrown on top.  This neighborhood is new, well manicures, clean.  The colors of everyones houses complement one another and they all have seasonal wreaths on their doors or a cute little bench with pillows out front. Our house was a wreck.  I'm not talking when all the boxes were still out and nothing had a place.  I'm talking, two months after the move and I still haven't mopped, once.  I felt like my house was a picture of my heart, disordrly and a little out of control.  Someone could come in at any moment and see my messy house and know, this girl is not okay.  I secretly missed my old neighborhood where none mows their law, lawns are for parking that extra broken down car not for decoration.  I can hide my mess in a neighborhood like that.

Something I LOVE about Claire is how easily and quickly she makes friends.  She littereally just walks up to people who catch her eye and introduces herself.  If a woman walks by with beautiful hair Claire will tell her "your hair is soooooo beautiful."  At the dentist yesterday a big kid in the waiting room sitting next to her stood up and she yelled "Wow!  He is so tall! Mom, look!"  and then proceeded to meet the extremely tall boy.  Everyone shrugged their shoulders and smiled.  She is honest and friendly.  In no time, even with all our buisyness, we have met most of our neighbors in part thanks to Claire who introduces herself to every person and dog who walks by and in part thanks to the other members of my family who are nearly, equally friendly.

Our neighbors are sweet and welcoming and didn't wince when they see the state of our garage.  I have been amazed how quickly we have found friends.  There are like 15 little girls on our island of houses and one boy, paradise for everyone except the one boy.  Life has calmed down and my house and heart are recovering.  I am kind of glad we got here a little out of control thought.  Having a messy life makes me venerable, approachable, honest, humble, dependent on God... I'm glad we didn't start out competing for the tidiest house on the block or trying to impress our new neighbors with our fall decor.  We started out very raw and real.  It's amazing how that honesty builds friendships.  I love our new neighbors and we are so thankful for where we ended up.

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