Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The truth is, the majority of people who have Down Syndrome in America will never be born.  You know I agree with Dr. Seuss "a persons a person no matter how small."  But there is just one train of thinking that keeps coming up when I here about this issue I want to talk to you about.

Here it is "I don't want my child with Down Syndrome to suffer so I'm doing the merciful thing by terminating this pregnancy."   

First, no person was ever born who did not suffer in the history of forever!  Struggle is part of the human experience.  We are all going to have challenges, joy, pain, sarow, triumph .. because we are alive. 

Okay, then they say, "No, my child with down syndrome will be mercilessly teased and told they're retarded. They would hate their life because their life would be so miserable… I'm just trying to spare them" 

And you could all chime in now too, people with Down Syndrome are not suffering.  They are just people, they have challenges as we all do but they can also find joy in their lives, something people without an extra chromosome often miss out on.  People with Down Syndrome Overwhelmingly, way, way above the statistics of people who do not have down syndrome love their lives! They are glad to be alive to be a part of their families and communities.  

Please, don't let someone tell you abortion is merciful because children with Down Syndrome are suffering. This is one of the most important reasons I do this blog, so you can get a glimps of our real lives with Claire.  Odds are one of you or someone you love will be faced with this decision some day.  Come hang out with Claire for an hour, talk to us about her life, get educated about these amazing PEOPLE who happen to have an extra chromosome.  

I could almost go for "We might struggle financially." or " They will take over my life."   Because at least these things are true. You might have to find grants and nonprofits to help you along the way.  There are tons of great resources out there and we have never struggled financially because of Down Syndrome.  And yes, your beautiful child is going to change your life forever, change so much of who you are and who your family is in all the best ways.  

When Claire was little and people found out she was in foster care some families  literally asked me if I would give her to them so they could adopt her. There are so many people out there who want children with Down Syndrome, waiting lists in foster care, organization set up just to get children with Down Syndrome from other countries into America to adopt. They are wanted but more then that they are people just like you and me.  

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