Sunday, October 26, 2014


Claire loves disney and all things princesses! 


She loves to chat about her favorite movies like the characters are really people. 
"Do you like Prince Edward?"
"Mushu is so funny!"  

While I was getting ready for the day she was going on and on about Arial's "squids."  Anyone care to guess? ... She showed me on a picture and pointed to Ariel's clam shell top, "squids" apparently and there will be no talking Claire out of it.  So now my bras are affectionately referred to as squids and I'm just going with it because that my friends is hilarious, at least to me her adoring mother. 

Speaking of Claire and breasts, did I tell you the one about the twins?  My sister-in-law was pregnant with twins so Claire had heard a lot of talk about two babies in Auntie Nanna's tummy.  Well, we were at the indoor play area on base and my little friendly one walks up to an unexacting, large chested woman, cups her bosoms with both hands and proclaimed "two babies!?"  Fortunately she did have a great scene of humor and thought it was awesome.  Classic Claire 

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