Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Make A Walrus Cake

So, the rules of 31 for 21 say the posts don't all have to be about Down Syndrome and I spent all my free time the last two days making a walrus cake so here you go.

First, find some inspiration.  Toys and stuffed animals are great if you can't find a cake you like.  Shocker, I could't find a cute walrus cake.  I don't think there is a large demand. 

I know, my iPhone case, it's so bad. 

Bake your cake!  These guys wanted red velvet.  I baked 2 batches of batter in 3 square pans. 

GREAT TIP: To cool your cakes cover in wax paper and then a dish town.  It hold in all that moisture, mmmmmmm! 

Completely cool, it takes hours.  I usually bake in the morning and build the cake in the afternoon. 

MAKE YOUR OWN FROSTING!  Seriously guys, it's not hard and so much better!  Here is a link to my favorite  Butter Cream Frosting from It is totally worth the 10 minuets that it will take you to make this four ingredient frosting! 

Cut the largest cake into a "walrus shape" ;) 

Level the top

Frost evenly 

Cut your middle sized cake at an angle to make the walrus's back. 

place it on top and trim the edges and level with a bread knife. 


With the smallest cake repeat cutting at an angle and trimming. 

There will be a lot of leftovers.  Don't worry about it.  This is why they invented cake pops.  Toss them is a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer or fridge to make cake pops later. 

I put two big straws in the top, giving about a 1/4" of room to let the cake be taller then the straws.  If the straws and cake are the same hight the cake will settle and the straws will come through your fondant (not cute).  You could also use wooden dowels. 

Cover with frosting.  I stick my cakes in the fridge for a few minuets to let the frosting harden then pull them out to touch up the frosting THE SMOOTHER THE FROSTING THE SMOOTHER FONDANT.  All those bumps show through the fondant.    

GREAT TIP:  Go back over the frosting with a paper towel and this fondant tool.  Only the really nice, expensive paper towels work.  I use Viva! 

Toss it in the fridge for a while. When you are working with the fondant on it the cake will hold up a little better. 

Cover with fondant.  I'm not going to get into all the tricks.  If you are interested there are a lot of great youtube videos not there.  My big tip is WORK FAST with your initial large piece of fondant.  They dry out so fast and will crack. 

TIP: Trim with a pizza cutter, it's genius! 

Smooth, if you have any air bobbles just pop them with a small needle and smooth. 

Alright, time to decorate!  I made a tummy shape. 

The glue of fondant is a little water. Wet finger with water and cover the area you'll place fondant on each time.

Shape face, make dents for his nose and eyes 

Straws to hold up and face and whiskers. 


Make Whisker shape.  I used a walnut tool to give it that hairs look.  They sell fondant tools just like this also.

Make flipper "hands" 

Attach arms and tail, also details like dots on eyes, tusks, toenails, extra piece of fondant for the forehead. 

Brown sugar sand and fondant shells.  I also used chocolate rocks. 

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