Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

They are so cute! 

I was telling myself all day, I'm going to miss this.  
Three little princess  

When Alice saw Nate in his Caption America get-up

At school it was crazy hair/duck tape day 

She really liked her cupcakes.  Another super sweat friend in her class had matching hair.
They were both excited to match. 

Makenna didn't have kindergarten today but we couldn't resist. 

 Guess how loved making things out of tape?  Yep, our craft girl. 

The little girls and I went to Claire's special ed class today for their class party.  It is the first opportunity I have had to linger in there with the kids.  They were all very nice and excited to meet Claire's sister and have "new friends." 

It was so nice to have the opportunity to meet the kids in Claire's special ed class, put faces with names.  We see her 2nd grade class every day but the kids in special ed are in and out.  

We also got to go to big recess with Claire today.  I stood back a bit from where Claire was to watch her.  She was totally fine the whole time, yay! 

It was fun to see all our neighbor kids at recess.  They kept coming to hug us, ask me to watch a trick and introduce us to their friends.  My heart is full.  The kids totally noticed that Claire was not a recess with them before and now is.  Individually at lease four of them came up to me and said they were excited they get to play with Claire now, so sweet.

Being there today was also a good conformation that this was the right battle to fight.  Just over the fence, across the courtyard was Claire's special ed class, all 4 of them "playing."  They have a sand box, picnic table with benches and one toddler size slide climbing toy.  All of the kids were just sitting at the table with their para for most of the time, not running around, not playing.  Claire swinging, sliding, running, laughed... with her classmates the entire time. 

Arn't these veggie skeletons the cutest?  The kids made them.

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