Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grumpy Pumpkin

Claire loves movies like a squirrel loves their nuts, a pumpkin needs its vine.  It's not a healthy obsession.  Claire also loves dogs, the bigger the better.  So Beethoven hits a sweet spot in her heart only topped by Disney princesses and Mary Poppins.  This morning she was watching a new Beethoven that also had something to do with pirates.  Unfortunately it was time for school before the end of Pirate Beethoven.  Now if you have ever pulled a child with Down Syndrome away from their favorite thing you will understand it's not pretty.  She was not going down without a fight.  Oh Claire, it was rough all the way to the door of her classroom.  Everything I said was meet with a smart remark. 

Me "Claire, please get into the van."
Claire "It's a car"
Me "Claire, please buckle up" 
Claire sticks her tung out at me... 

I wish I had the magic solution for transitioning a child with Down Syndrome, braking them out of their  funk.  (If anyone reads that blog feel free to pass it on to me.)  One thing I have learned is you just can't out grump Claire.  This girl is going down with the ship.  If I come to grumpy Claire with my own attitude she will get so much worse.  She feeds off my frustration like poring water on a grease fire.  Keeping my cool, easier said then done.  When she is being a pill part of me wants to go down with the ship too, gosh darn it, if you get to be mad I get to be mad.  I have an actual reason to be frustrated, you have to come eat crackers or whatever.  Then I remind myself who the grown up is, forgive myself and move on.  If it appears I'm not phased that my child (or children) is having a temper tantrum I'm just overcompensating.  

Claire decided to go with a "Mary Poppins" pumpkin this year.

Alice "pirate eye patch pumpkin." "He is sad because he wasn't wearing his helmet on his bike and hit his head."

Makenna drew out a designed for her own pumpkin this year, pretty impressive.  It was her first year wielding a blade-ish tool, fun and frightening.

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