Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crazy Eyes And A Joker Smile

I'm making a bunch of cakes this week.  This afternoon I was working on a princess cake with 7 Disney princess miniatures dancing around the outside.  (The girls are pretty bummed they are going to the party with the large mouth bass cake I'm also making.)  Claire, Makenna and Alice all wanted  a piece of the princess action.  The temptation to play with the little princesses was too great.  Sense these do not belong to us I made a rule that they had to stay at the bar by where I was working to play with them.  Claire was not fond of this rule.  At one point she threw herself to the floor humphing that she could not walk away with the figurines.  When I told her no, just where she would have stuck her tung out in frustration she gave me crazy eyes and a scary joker smile instead.  I had to stop myself from laughing as I realized that they have been coaching her on this at school.  Her teachers and classmates are telling her "smile please" when she sticks out her tung.  Just like she was plotting to kill batman Claire did the joker smile for Nate at the dinner table tonight, LOL, Nice work Claire!

And some cellphone pics of family date night. 

She can't let a hug go by with out jumping in. 

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