Thursday, October 16, 2014

Claire Goes To Collage

Whitworth has an amazing literacy center!  On the last day of "summer school" Claire cried because she was so sad it was over.  The teachers are so kind and genuinely love Claire.   Most days at pick up their report to me was "Wow, Claire just tries so hard.  I'm so proud of her."  I had to hold back my tiers because those simple words meant so much.  It's such a ray of sunshine straight to this mommy's heart when someone believes in Claire. 

Literacy center runs all year but we only go in the summer.  This was Claire's second year in the program.  The progress Claire makes over the summer is so impressive.  I was originally thinking I just didn't want her to loose what she had gained over the school year but it is so much more.  She is now sounding out words (WAIT, can we take a moment here? CLAIRE CAN READ!  Woot Woot!!) and I am positive Literacy center played a hugs role in that.  The teachers and collage students are fabulous and make it fun for everyone!  It is a very positive experience for Claire which we desperately need after all the negative experiences we have had with school.  She loves going to Whitworth. 

Every Thursday is dress up day at lit center, thus the costumes. 

and let me know if you want to carpool! 

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