Monday, October 20, 2014

Claire Bear Hair


Are you ready?  I'm going to tell you the secret to Claire's gorgeous hair styles, Disney characters!  

"How would you like your hair today Claire: Doc McStuffins (two twisty braids), Cinderella (top knot), Rapunzel (french braid down the back), Elsa (side braid), Anna (two french braids)?"   SHE LOVES EVERYTHING DISNEY! 


Doc McStuffins 





Elsa up-do


Sometimes she doesn't care so I get to play with her hair.  Thankfully this is fun for me because it's like an assembly line of hair in the morning with all four of us girl.   

Braided bangs with a side bun

Bangs back with two twisty buns 

French braided bangs are kind of our go-to hair style right now because she likes her long hair down.    The braid keeps her hair out of her face and away from behind her tinny ears (all they can hold up are glasses). 

The ever independent Makenna does not like me to do her hair, it's kids of sad.  She is very into doing her own hair and comes up with some very creative styles. 

She also likes to do Claire and Alice.  Sometimes they like it sometimes not so much. 

And they all like to do my hair too (photo taken by Makenna). 

We do matching hair day a lot. 

Some other great kids hair styles we like to do that I didn't have a picture of... 

Happy styling :)

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