Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big Recess Day Two

The girls wondered off and when I checked on them they had busted out the pipe cleaners. Makenna was decorating Alice and Claire turned Olive into a reindeer.  I love this dog!  She just sat their for 20 minuets.

Disclaimer, I promise not to give daily updates about recess unless it's ground braking but just one more.

No teacher feedback after school today but I had good chats with both teachers this morning about yesterday.  However, I did get an update from Makenna, Claire's kindergarten aged sister.  According to Makenna today "Claire did great the whole recess. I watched her and played with her the whole time.  No teachers told her she was bad." Okay, thank you Makenna.  She is so perceptive.  I never talked directly to her about Claire going to big recess.  Just standing next to me while I talk with the teachers she picks up on so much.  She totally understands that Claire is on trial and she wants to help her "be good." 

Which brings me to the double standard.  What other kid out there is being scrutinized to see if they are good enough for recess with their classmates?  Answer, none of them.  Students in special education sometimes can be held to an even higher standard.  They are under a microscope.  I'm sure another student stuck out their tung, touched another person, stepped onto the play field while a soccer game was currently in progress (gasp)... but unless someone tattled the aid probably missed it with so many kids on the field.  If a special ed student does those things shame, shame I know your name, off to the saluted playground with no equipment for you babe.  I'm so glad they are working with her, this is just one of those things about special ed that gets me. 

Also, how cool is Makenna?!  What a great big, little sister.

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