Monday, October 27, 2014

Big Recess Day One

Claire had her first "big recess" today!  There was no feed back so I went with no news is good news.  Ya, that lasted for like an hour and then I couldn't take it anymore.  Nate picked her up this afternoon so I shot a message to Claire's special ed teacher asking how it went.  Bless this woman, she knows how to deliver a report, "still trying to figure out lining up and will have a para tomorrow explain rules and expectations.  She was super excited about going out to big recess.  So need a few more days to iron out any concerns."

I'm going to go with glass half full here.  I love how this teacher delivers news!  The first week of school Claire was so excited and happy to participate.  The second week she was fully disenchanted and realized, hey this feels an offal lot like work.  She showed them her stubborn side, pulled out all her tricks.  At the dreaded pick-up time report her teacher gave me Claire's list of offenses but at the end said "she is still figuring out our rules, she'll get it."  Following every horrendous day that week her teacher told me, with a smile, "she'll figure it out."  I can not express to you how deeply those words touch this special needs mommy.  Those end of the day rehashing session suck, they are the worst but if you have a teacher who lets a little hope shine through it can take a mommy's heart from shame and distress to healthy concern.  

I predicted that lining up after recess would be an issue but for the love of Pete, not letting her do an entire recess with her classmates because she has a hard time transitioning at the end (insert at the end of anything) is silly. Hopefully we can get creative and encourage some classmates to help her come in or send her a para for like 2 minuets.     

I'm so glad they are working this out.  She asks me daily, "play with the big kids."  Claire has a hard time communicating.  I rarely get reports from her after school about anything other then the hot lunch menu and a list of people she likes.  This one was obvious, I want to play with my friends please.  Thank you! 

Brought to you by, man it's cold outside! Get all the backyard s'mores you can in before it snows. 

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