Sunday, March 3, 2013

Warrior Princess

 Sometimes braking the rules is just fun!

Makenna designed this "Pocahontas paint," (with permission)
Nice work

Makenna is full on Pocahontas today, running up and down the hill in our backyard belting out for the neighborhood, "Dance with all the colors of the wind, sing with all the colors of the wind, with the colors of the wind..."  She stops for a moment, eyes closed, then looks up to proclaim "I love to feel the wind blow my hair back." 

Claire wanted "secret of the wings" (tinkerbell)

 This Pocahontas phase has been going on for a few months now.  Just last week I overheard her explaining to a friend why Pocahontas is the best princess; "My Mommy says that Pocahontas is a princess and she is the best because, did you know, she saved John Smith.  They shot him and her Daddy didn't like him but Pocahontas is so brave and saved him!"  Five year old Silas had no argument.

My mom crafted an adorable hat for Makenna with long, blond Rapunzel  braids. She pretty much shunned it, sorry Mom.  After a few days I did get her to sport the hat with one braid over her shoulder, pretending it was brown hair so she could be just like her favorite princess.

We are a princess house because our princesses are brave and strong and kind.  I also love the imagination in creating fairy tails.  Becoming a fairy, princess, ballerina in your backyard is not a bad way to spend the afternoon.  Growing up with boys I didn't express my inner princess very often.  I love spinning, singing, free and full of joy with my little girls.

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