Monday, March 4, 2013


Here is one we haven't jumped into yet, friendship.  Claire is special and there are special people who get her and a lot of other people who do not.  We have found this in schools, on playgrounds, in line at Starbucks... everywhere.  I went to coffee with a sweet friend last week and told her about an experience where a teacher "saw Claire as being the naughty kid and that really bugged me."  She said, "it brakes my heart that anyone would see Claire that way."  It brakes mine too.

The same is true of children.  Some children really get Claire.  They enjoy playing with her where she is at, not just tolerating her.  Her sisters and the children of our closest friends do well.  They grew up with Clarie and, well, she is just Claire.  They figured out how to have fun with her and the silly, unpredictable, things she does are not usually an issue.  One of my biggest special needs family pet peeves is when Claire says hi to other children and they totally snub her.  I just want to get down on their level and explain how incredibly rude that are being, sometimes I do.  It's not the shy kids, they are just uncomfortable, it's the ones that look are the kid next to them, role their eyes and giggle, while walking away.  Fortunately Claire usually just finds another stranger to love, their loss.

Another confession, I always pray that some little sweet girl at school will take Claire under her wing and love her as much as her sisters.  It's just another thing I'm learning not to worry about.  It doesn't really matter if Claire's best friends are "typically developing" or not.  Her joy in being with her friend is what matters.

Claire loves Piper!  We had a very long day Friday and all that got her through was dreaming of Piper at the end of the rainbow.  Every ten minuets she would ask, "Piper now?"  "No honey, first Robin (therapy), then sleep doctor, then pick up Silas, then Piper."  Claire and Piper are so funny together.  They really do understand one another.  Claire can get fixated on one thing and do it over and over, like laying a blanket over a baby doll.  That's just fine with Piper, lets do it together.  They stick with each other through simple games for hours.  I had to stop myself from laughing out loud during dinner when they were both spitting water in each others faces and loving it.  Spitting is one of those socially inappropriate things Claire does which she fully believes to be endearing.  She just doesn't understand why everyone doesn't love it as much as she does.  We found that friend!

Piper and Claire also have some of the same bad habits, like grunting, we call it "the humph," and screeching when they are frustrated.  It's pretty entertaining watching them do it to each other, a taste of their own medicine.  Oh you ladies deserve each other some times. 

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