Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Journey Back To DI

Well, I didn't cry and that is saying a lot!

I had a meeting with Claire's team at school and the behaviorist this morning.  We made a plan in November which has been in place for a little over a month.  Claire was observed again, after "the plan", so we could talk about and compare her data.  Special Ed is all about data.  Long story short, the interventions we came up with really have relieve a lot of the anxiety Claire was feeling in the class room, causing her to act out.  She has more appropriate consequent and rewards   She also has a picture schedule on her desk, and a note book that can travel with her with picture they place on a chart for "first" and "then" (like first circle time then PE).  The note book was very well made and I'm sure Claire loves it because she thrive with this kind of direction at home.  She needs to know what is coming next, that is just who she is.

That's the good news, she is not acting out so much and the interventions are helping without a huge behavior plan and a list of progressively worse consequences. She needed more structure and more brakes and she got them.

The bad news is that although Claire is in a Kindergarten class she is not accessing time with her classmates.  She is using all her energy to sit still when she is in the large group; apparently "she is never listening when the teacher is talking to the large group."  I actually have a little bit of a hard time with this because the times I have volunteered in her class I have see her listen to class instruction however, possibly it was because I was sitting next to her?  This means that all of her learning time is one on one or in small group which is not the bulk of her half day in IK.  Sometimes she engages with the other students in small groups, sometimes she ignores them.  She wants one on one with an adult and fights for it all day long, this is also true of the none school Claire, some of these other issues we don't see so much at home.

Further bad news is that Claire requires a LOT of verbal prompting to stay on task, not a news flash.  This is totally my life with her every days.  She pretty much, eventually does what we are asking but it requires a saintly amount of patience and repletion.

me "Claire, put your socks on."
Claire "Don't want to"
Me "Claire, It's time to get ready, put you socks on"
Claire "No!"
Me "Yes, Mom"
Claire "Yes, Mom!!"

We go through that script about two time for just about everything she does all day long, from going to the bathroom to coming to the dinner table, the girl hate transition.  I feel for them, it's frustrating, but I have developed more of a sense of humor about it over the years.  From my point of view I am grateful that she eventually did the thing we asked because there was a time, not too long ago, when we had to physically, hand over hand, do every little thing with her.

Basically, I have felt, this year, that my daughter is being seen as the "bad kid" and we are collecting data to get her out of here.  We had to ask for someone to come in and make changes and even with improvements in her behavior her teacher really doesn't have too many good things to say about the situation.  I think her teacher and aid and just about done.  She gets written up for EVERYTHING and frequently sent to the principle for things teachers let go or deal with in the classroom for other children.

With all this and much more in mind, it's time to move Claire.  She is exhausted at the end of her half day and first grade is just too big so we were planning on DI (Designed Instruction AKA special ed) with some pull out for things like music and PE for next year.  We are just going to do that now.  It's a little sad but I am hopeful that in a smaller group with more support Claire will be able to engage in things like circle time that she has missed out on this year.   Also I want her to feel like a good girl.  It brakes my heart to see my little girl come home and just about every day confess how she was bad with her head held down in shame.  I'm sick of always being in trouble.

I don't think I could have said, done, felt all these things without Claire's wonderful Preschool teacher Michelle.  Her voice always in the back of my head:  you are a great Mom and you are doing the best you can for Claire, this is not your fault.  When you get that call from the principle or notes home from a teacher it can feel like they are saying, this is your problem, you deal with her.  I used to beet myself up over every phone call and note.  Michelle gave me confidence, and confidence has brought me so much peace.  I can't think of a more helpful gift for the mother of a child with special needs.  Well... Michelle and my husband's support and counseling and some amazing friends and Jesus.

Now we move on to the next chapter, all prayers are greatly appreciated friends.


  1. You are a strong mom! I feel like God made you especially for Claire. You are doing a wonderful job and keep up the good work.

  2. Tami,
    Thank you for your fierce love and devotion to our family. For your desire to see success for our Claire in an up hill battle. We are blessed beyond measure to call you mom and beloved.

  3. Tami,
    What is DI? You are an amazing mother and I'm so glad that Claire's preschool teacher helped you to see that. As always, I love reading your blog. Hang in there. God has a plan for Claire and apparently this change is part of it. I'll be praying for you, Claire and your family.

  4. This parenting stuff isn't for sissies thats for sure. You have had to make the decision that I stress about the most. I always wonder if I'll know when its time to make the move to a school that can better support Riley, or if I'll go kicking and screaming. It sounds like you made this decision with the grace of a mother that knows whats best for her child. You should be confident in yourself as mom because you are a great one and Im glad Michelle helped you to see that in yourself.