Friday, October 12, 2012

Why and How

Someone asked me yesterday why I write this bog.  There are so many reasons:

To show off my amazing daughter Claire who I am so proud of
To give others an honest glimpse into our crazy-wonderful life; life can be challenging and sweet
To support families who have children with special needs; you are not alone
To proclaim to the world THIS LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!  

I want to say, this is a little I learned about love... I'm still learning, hear's my journey and Down Syndrome is beautiful.

Parents have asked us a lot "how do you do it?  How do you hold it together?"  because life is really messy and when you have a child with special needs you know everyone's life is messy but sometimes your life feels messier and you are fully prepared to back that up with evidence.  Adopting Claire was a leap of faith and sometimes I wonder too, how did we do that?  God's love can be the only answer.  Love that says no to all my self protecting, nagging, projecting, worrying...  His Love says yes to whatever comes next.  Claire's adoption felt a lot like getting married, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health...  When you get married you expect that you will have to remember those promises; you know times will come to tare down what was built up but you believe that your love will make it.  I believe our family will make it through whatever comes because it's not just us "holding it together."  When we made that promise to Claire we knew we wouldn't be loving her alone or in our own strength.  God brought us together and he is there when we are week. 

How do we do it?  Hope in what is to come.  I talked to a parent of a toddler with Down syndrome the other day and she asked me "why do I always cry?  Every time I see a clip on you tube, I cry.  Every time I see a family in the store that has a child with Down Syndrome I kind of stock them."  I have felt that way!  It's hope, I can get so down with the challenges day after day and just that little  ray of hope I see in someone else being okay is so overwhelming that I have to cry, or stock them.  through our challenges we remember that it is all beautiful and the getting there is worth remembering, worth telling.  So many days I want that happy ending, the she learned to walk or read moment.  Isn't it funny how every day feels the same but you look back and everything has changed.  Some days being brave is simply getting up and trying again with hope and faith.  That's what I want to write about.

 Taking a step and then another.