Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walking With Eyes Closed

Walking alone with my eyes closed through the park it did occur to me that I may end up having a more up close and personal encounter with nature then I had in mind but I couldn't help myself.  Every breeze that wondered past brought a new sweet smell of autumn: sugary spices of dying grass, dried leaves, heavy due.  I wanted to drink it in; feel the crab apples pop under my feet, the leaves brushing and crunching past.  Fall is beautiful to all the senses, a symphony of loveliness.  I take summer for granted: green, hot, unchanging but fall is all together different, a reminder that everything is changing.  I'm always trying to get in one more walk, wanting to see how the neighborhood has changed.  You never know when the rain will come and shut you out from the colors, each moment precious because it is unique.  Sometimes I chuckle to myself walking along; is like God is showing off  As if the summer wasn't wondrous enough with it's flowers, sun sets, humming birds... what an ending. 

Childhood is like summer, every day blurs into the last feeling like it will last forever.  It's hard to see perspective parenting in the summer of childhood, progress hides.  Today I walked passed a Mom quietly pushing her one little baby and remembered how much has changed sense I put my one little Claire in her new blue single stroller.  She loved going on walks at that age and would play with her tiny hands the whole time.  I loved watching her play with her hands.  Now walks are more like pushing a parade float, triple stroller, with three little princesses waving at everyone and saying hello.

Thank you God of creation for reminding me today that life here does not last forever and that is what makes it so precious.  The seasons are changing, everything changes and there is beauty in it all, even the dying.  Looking at Claire's life is like looking at the shifting fall leaves.  She is growing more beautiful every day, full of kindness and spunk.   I'm so grateful for time, melting away fear and pain.  I started writing this blog the year after Claire's adoption and I feel like it's been on this journey with me.  I feel different writing this year: more peace, more joy, less worry.  Thank you God. 

Beautiful Dancer 

 Shadow dancing with Dad

"Look at this!"

Walking with her bells on

 Okay, pick me up, my knee hurts. 

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