Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Underwear In The Room

Having a child with special needs, especially one who was also in foster care has meant an endless parade of new people through our living room. We have gotten so used to it that it really doesn't bother me at all.  Maybe we have become a little too accustomed; I can't even count the amount of times someone has shown up and I'm not so much dressed as I would like to be for company or at least laundry all over the place, panties and everything.  The other day our cable man came unexpectedly; one of those, I wish I wasn't in my PJ's moment.  I slouched, a lot, and couldn't decide if it would be more or less embarrassing to remove the ladies underwear from my bedroom floor where our internet is located as I kicked a condom under a table he eventually had to moving.  I console myself that cable guys have seen a lot worse and so have social workers, dietitian, teachers, speech and language pathologists...

My friend Ashley went through the Whitworth education program and asked us to help her out with a class.  She needed to shadow and interview a family who has a child with special needs for about five hours and it's just more fun doing it with a friend so she signed us up for the program.  The students have been coming in groups of two now for a few years.  We talk about IEPs (in none teacher speak, the education plan at school) and how, yes, I am going to cry because I have so much more than just academics on my mind. We talk about sibling relationships and family support.  We share about inclusion and why it is so important for every child to be in diverse and even challenging relationships.  We show them Claire's scheduled and take them to therapy or Special Olympics. Claire loves it.  She drags them around the house, leading them by the hand.  It's nice getting a chance to explain life from our family's perspective to a soon to be educator. 

When people came over and they are not for Claire she can get really jealous.  Our old foster care licensor was so good about taking a second with her before getting down to business.  She would come in and read Claire a book, not necessary but so thoughtful.  Everyone is welcome in our living room but watch out, there may be underwear lurking in any corner. 

Yep, that's how we role

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  1. Tami,
    I am so glad that there are soooo many more important things in life than even the underwear. I am sure the insight/behind the scenes tour that you are offering to the future educators is invaluable. Honesty is a needed part of the conversation. God bless that foster care licenser for her compassion. Love you all, Grammy