Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Day

Yesterday was pretty deep, today cute pictures from last weekend... 

Leitz Family 
Pumpkin Day 2012
Green Bluff, WA

Why are there so many pumpkins in this sand box? 

 Makenna Grace


 Alice, Muscles and Underbelly 

Auntie Jennifer and Uncle Garrett 

You Go Bro! 

Claire is cracking up!

The tunnel was a highlight 

Just Awesome! 

Trying to hit Dad in the face with bean bags through a pig's head, huge hit!

 Oh Dad, you are so funny!

 Nate throws the bean bag back at Alice, hehehe.

It's so funny she can't throw straight.

 Love you Uncle Garrett

 Love you Auntie Jennifer

Love you sister

 Love you babe

See you giant stuffed bear

Happy Saturday Everyone, we are off to Young Athletes (Special Olympics practice). 

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