Sunday, October 7, 2012

"________ Poeple"

Something's on my mind, how I say "______ people." I don't really like it when people call Claire "downs girl" or "Downs" as a title, "hey, she is Downs" but don't I say...

Black People
Foster Kid
Gay People
Poor People
Autistic kid
Rich People
Skinny People
Handicap person
Def People
Blind People...

Confession, how hypocritical, I don't want my little girl labeled by her disability and carefully choose my words, Claire, who has Down Syndrome, as I continue to define others by their differences and not first of all by their humanity.  So many want to make this into an issue for people with disabilities but we do not hold a monopoly and being misunderstood.  It hurts when people skip the cute little girl and go straight to "she is downs" but isn't it also hurtful to be called the foster kid...? Like that is who you are.  You were taken from your friends, family and home and now you are not Emily, your the foster kid.  I'm trying to show other's the respect they deserve by being intentional with my words.  We aren't going to get it perfect all the time but the heart is in trying.


  1. Very true Tami. Great blog and definitely something for all of us to remember.

  2. Great post! I need to be careful of this as well.

  3. Hmmmmm...definetely makes you think! I try hard to not get irritated with people when they don't use people first language because I don't think they mean any harm. I DO however usually have to say something if someone says retarded!

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  5. so good Tami, thank you for sharing