Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Only Claire

Only Claire, that is what I keep telling myself at all these doctor's appointments, only Claire hurts her knee PLAYING IN HER BED so badly that we need to go to an orthopedic specialist.  During quiet time last Sunday she started crying in her room.  Honestly, I didn't think much of it.  She was climbing in her foot board, one of her favorite quiet time activities and seemed to have gotten stuck.  This plays out about twice a month with no injuries, we just go untangle her, but now she is saying she hurt her knee and crying.

WAIT, let’s take a second to celebrate that Claire told me what was wrong, "hurt knee." Thank you Lord!! 

Anyway, I let her take the rest of that day off and gave her the laid-up treatment, which everyone totally loved, movies and popcorn, so when she wasn't better at bed time, I thought, well she is probably just milking this for all she can and she'll forget about it by morning.

Monday morning, Claire wouldn't walk, couldn't walk.  I took her to our family Doctor because Miss Makenna already had an appointment there.  The Doc thought she should mend and it's not broken so call her pediatrician Thursday if she isn't better.  Long story short…

Thursday- Pediatrician is baffled; we go get an x ray and blood work.
Friday- The knee is not broken so we take another few days to see if it heals.
Saturday- Not better
Sunday- (one week later, did I mention Nate was gone for most of this?) she starts walking but the knee also starts popping, she falls down in pain, still can’t fully extend the leg without hysterics, still swollen after religious icing and Ibuprofen-ing.  
Monday- Same
Today- Same, Pediatrician sends us for more blood work and gets us referred to Orthopedic (looks like it’ll be a while before Ortho can get her in, so frustrating)

 Getting very good at icing! 
She is watching Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, girl after my own heart.

Claire wanted to show you her new shoes, they light up.

I’ll keep you posted. 

One of the most disappointing things about it is she is missing so much school.  Her class sent her the cutest get well card and I got a note yesterday from my friend saying her son, in Claire’s class, prayed for her knee.  It’s really sweet!  

So I’m kind of at a loss.  She is a pretty happy camper at home hanging out and doing her “home work” (in exchange for I Pad time of course) but when she walks she falls down and cries.  I can’t send my baby to school like that.  It’s a really, really big bummer.  Let’s all pray that this knee problem ends so Claire can get back to doing all those cute Claire things to blog about.   

There are a few perks to not being able to walk.


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  2. Yeah for Claire using words to tell you what was wrong. The thought of how far she has come makes me cry and smile at the same time. Love, Grammy