Friday, October 5, 2012

Not The Buddy Walk

They changed the name of our Buddy walk in the inland northwest to Step Up For Down Syndrome Awareness Walk. It's very wordy so we just keep calling it the Buddy Walk on accident because everyone knows what that is.  I think changing the name had something to do with copy right laws.

Team Claire 2012
Step Up For Down Syndrome

We can't really say enough how much your support means to us.  Thank you to all the friends and family that come (some from very far away) to celebrate Claire this year.  You are awesome and you totally make the day every year.  

 Claire dancing with a stranger and yes, that's normal.

She loves "shadow dancing"

 Sweet friends; they both have siblings with DS.

 My Wonderful Auntie Janet and Mom

Wahoo! (she did not want to walk this year)

Claire and Nate

Some of our team; Shaun, Meaghan, Molly, Auntie Jennifer, Uncle Garrett, Migdalia and a lot of kids.  We are in that season of life where you hang out with your friend seriously out numbered by the children, I love it,  everyone always has a buddy.

 More great friends!

 Claire gives the cheer leader a button 

 Makenna thought the cheer leaders were pretty cool.

Zeke and Alice 

So Fun = So Tired 

Fun fact about Down Syndrome:  People with Down syndrome are not always happy, they experience every emotion you feel.  Sometimes, just like everyone, Claire wakes up in a really bad mood and it's going to be a rough day.  Unfortunately, the Step Up walk was one of those days this year.  We didn't get a lot of happy from her, more angry, tired and frustrated with a little bit of overwhelmed thrown in (Claire hates loud noise and it was pretty loud).  She was just letting  for everyone know that "always happy" is a stereotype, right, it is an awareness walk after all.   

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