Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not Always a Tea Party

That awkward moment when your mom is doing dishes and you slowly put one into the sink...

Confession, I think almost on a daily basis, "life will be so much easier when I can get some help around here."  In my mind life was always easier "back then" (with two kids or none, we almost never had one, but not with Claire on a feeding tube!!!) or certainly it will be easier some day, down the road...

Wait, what about right now!  Now is not easy but it's good.  I'll be the first to admit that three little girls isn't always a tea party but it is almost always dress up.  Small, unexpected things remind me that what I am doing now is so sweet: baby dolls tucked into every drawer of their dresser, every kind of animal kiss imaginable at bed time, shadow dancing, glitter every time I clean the lint tray in our dryer, 12 pairs of little girl shoes by the front door (I realize this phase may never end), chubby cheeks, refusing to where any dress that isn't "spinny enough," Tinkerbell family movie night, too toos attached to swimwear, the way their sleeping bodies melt into me when I bring them in from the car... these things don't last forever.  I am going to miss them so it's okay that no one helps with the dishes just now (when Nate is gone).  Lets just stay little girls a little longer.
Lake Wenatchee August 2012

Makenna 3

Claire 6

Alice 1

 Auntie Jennifer and Makenna 

 In the boat with Daddy


Uncle Tony (my little brother), Makenna, Auntie Breanna
(AKA "auntie Nanna") focused


Uncle Harley, that's hot!

 You think they'll still build fairy gardens with me at the beach?
I hope so.

 Great Grandma and Uncle Garrett

Uncle Brice and Auntie Breanna 

chill'en with Dad

P.S.  I know what happens when girls grow up; someone informs me just about every time I go out with all three of them.  Don't tell me friends, I think denial is a very useful tool sometimes.

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