Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mary Poppins, A Gnome and A Bride

This was hands down my favorite Halloween with kids of all time.  Great friends and no stress, couldn't ask for more, oh, and super cute little people! 

Could this be any cuter?
I think not. 

Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. 

Yes, that's a carpet bag, gloves and bird umbrella.  Grammy made Claire's awesome costume.  She loved it! 

Here comes the Bride all dressed in white. 

 Dancing with Daddy

Gnome Baby and Gnome Mommy

We went over for a visit at the Flower's house.
Alice and Abby

Zeke's train 

Everyone was so excited to see Ya Ya! 

And then headed over to trick or treating at EWU again this year.  It went well; I was glad we brought the stroller or Claire and Alice wouldn't have made it.  They were happy to sit in the stroller and be adored from there.

Spent the evening with some good friends.  So relaxing and fun!  We love the Muellers! 

So cute!
Benjamin and Claire


Nate and Benjamin playing with the mummy balloon.  

Zachery and Makenna loved handing out the candy, 
they were very, very generous. 

Cutest Penguin on the block! 


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