Monday, October 1, 2012

Look, So Cute!

Wow, October really caught me off guard this morning.  There are so many things to love about October: leaves changing color, farmer's market walks, pumpkin patch day, pumpkin spice latte's, pumpkin doughnuts at green bluff, Halloween costumes... okay, so a lot of them have to do with pumpkins, but the best of all is 31 for 21!  It's a group of people all over the world writing for 31 days for Down Syndrome awareness (AKA trisomy 21).   

I love people who love people who have Down Syndrome!  Some of my favorite 31 for 21 blogs are from friends and siblings.., they make me happy.   Claire’s fans get so excited when they see her coming into a restaurant, super market, park... It's like Santa just arrived with his reindeer and gifts for everyone!  Full of enthusiasm they inform all the people around them, in hushed tones, "She has Down Syndrome, look, so cute." She’s basically a celebrity, or mistaken for one.  Our friend Ella also has blond hair and glasses so kids frequently come up to Claire cheering “Ella!”  Nate and I both love making new friends and hearing the stories people love to tell us about their sister or nephew… who has DS; it’s such an encouragement. 

Honestly, I kind of do the same thing.  I find myself pointing at the store "look, Nate she is Sooooooo cute, lets go say hi,” when we bump into another family or go horseback riding with our friends, but you can't blame me because these kids really are that cute! Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable for families when people just stair so my rule is, just say hi.  Most people appreciate the chance to tell their story and meet at friendly, accepting person.  There can be some really bad times with strangers; we like to share the love.

I have been really looking forward to 31 for 21 and I can’t wait to start sharing with all Claire’s fans what she has been up to.  We have a lot of good stuff in store and if there is something in particular about Down Syndrome or Claire that you want to hear about, just ask.  It’s going to be fun!  Don’t forget to leave a comment even if it’s just hi.  The encouragement really helps.  Here we go!

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    Your blog won't let me comment!!!! Weird! I love this month, and can't wait to read your blog everyday : ) So funny that Claire gets mistakened for Ella, I think to people who don't REALLY know them all little blond girls with Ds look the same, lol!
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