Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Not Sorry

"All super heros wear their underpants on the outside." 
-Grammy Klein

One of the hardest reactions to Claire's Down syndrome for me to respond to is when people say they are sorry.  Sorry for what?  Sorry that this is hard for me, that life will be hard for Claire... I'm not sure.  It doesn't make me mad, I just don't know what to say; which is also probably the predicament they are in if they are apologizing to me for my challenging life.  Isn't everyone's life hard?  Driving this morning I prayed for some friends: one was just diagnosed with cancer and will be starting treatment soon, one has been struggling with infertility for the past four years, one friend is in the hospital with her premature twins, another was pregnant and lost her baby this week...  Life is hard and there are sometimes no words to say.

The assumption that a person's life who has Down syndrome "will be a hardship" is often the reason their lives don't begin.  There have been a lot of challenges with Claire's birth parents but we are so grateful to them.  Grateful that they chose life for Claire, even with the challenges and fears they kept her alive.  Every person will suffer in this world, it's part of living.  So if you ever hear that it is selfish to bring a child with "challenges" into the world remember that every human will have huge, heart braking challenges and we all deserve to live them.

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  1. Your are so right! I always say don't be sorry! He has a great life! Love the "superhero" picture! Made me chuckle.