Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home Work

Me "It's quiet time, do you want to use the I pad Claire?'
Claire "homework first?"
Me "Oh, ya" lol

This year is the first time we have had real homework for Claire from school.  She has always been working on something at home but now it's the real deal, kindergarten.  Claire gets so frustrated, throws her pencil and says "I don't know" when she is fed up with her homework.  The only thing that gets her through is knowing that she has to "earn her I pad time." She gets the I pad if she has a star on her behavior chart at the end of the school day (only happens about once a week, usually she has a warning) and then she can have the I pad while Alice is napping after her homework is done.  The funny thing is that she is playing all learning games on it so it's doing more homework but I'm not going to tell.

I made two folders full of work sheets and learning activities, one for Makenna and one for Claire; they both choose one activity and I choose another (Claire has her work from school for one).  Having Makenna work along side Claire seems to be helping, at least I think Claire doesn't feel so picked on.  Makenna likes to do her homework and her enthusiasm rubs off on Claire.  Makenna sure will be ready for preschool and Kindergarten.

So what does a kindergartner do for homework these days?  Claire knew her letters and their sounds a long time ago but we keep working on them with as added twist.  There is a phrase for each letter that goes with the sounds like R is a mad dog face.  She works on handwriting a lot, especially her first and last name.  The "snap words" we made flash cards for and look for in our library books are sight words she is memorizing.   She is pretty good at it and can do mom, dad, love, and me most of the time.  She is also learning to count to 100 this year so we count a lot; hide and go seek with a bigger purpose.

Some friends and I made busy bag projects for our preschoolers and exchanged them.  We each made 11 of something (I made a weaving project) and took home 11 different and awesome projects.  Such a great idea and it has been a total life saver for Makenna's home work.  She was doing Claire's work too and was pretty good at it but it's nice to mix it up and give her something spacial.

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