Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glasses and Down Syndrome

Claire draws glasses her stick people or "happy face" as she likes to call them; it's totally adorable.

I always considered glasses and maybe hearing aids as eventually inevitable in Claire's life and every year that passed with no glasses was a year to be grateful. Claire's prescription isn't that strong, her eyes cross and the glassed are correcting it as well.  We had to patch for the first six months.  It was very successful and we haven't had to do it in a long time.

Claire patches with her walket.
She loves her walket from Grandma Cathy. She brushed its hair all the time. 

 We notices she kept "winking." She had one eye closed in a lot of pictures. 
It's cute but not good.

 When the glasses finally did arrive at five years old I though, well at lease it won't be as bad as those kids in her birth to three program pulling them off ever five minutes. I was so wrong, it was worse, she not only hated the glasses and ripped them of, she flung them as far as possible.  Now when she is sick of them she sneaks and hide them; grrrrrrrrrr.  We have been through six pairs of glasses and there would have been more without the three year warranty on her latest pair.  As long as we don't looses them, pleases no, we just have to go and get them adjusted, repaired and sometimes replaced.  We order new parts every two weeks or so, sigh; they know Claire well, and "Claire's Mom."

Thankfully, she was getting better with them.  She was only throwing them when she was mad, not just board.  We had to change her prescription and  now she hate them again.  She also chews on them when she is board.  It's kind of funny, Alice and Makenna mimic her and will chew on them too if they get a hold of them.  Claire's glasses have scratched on the inside from her teeth, tricky.

Fun Fact:  Down syndrome affects each people differently.  There is a list of medical, mental, physical, cosmetic...differences and challenges someone with DS may face but nothing is for sure. Heart problems, poor eye sight, hearing loss, low muscle tone, shortness, slanted eyes, little tinny ears, thick neck, a big tow that is spaced out are just a few examples.  All of the manifestations of DS are found in people who do not have DS except for an extra chromosome.

The facial feature that is common to DS that makes glasses challenging for Claire is her tinny nose and lack if bridge, I know, don't you wish you had that problem?  Her nose is totally adorable just not conducive to nose pads thus the special order glasses.

These just don't work for kids with Down syndrome but they are virtually indestructible.  She hated them because her eye lashes and eye lids touched the glass, they also fog up.  We even sent them away to have nose pieces put in but she pulled them out and tossed the tinny pieces in the grass the first time we let her out of our sight. No on the Miraflex. 

These are her back up glasses our insurance will pay for.  They sit low so she often looks over them.  The nose piece also gives her red marks. 

These are the big bucks glasses, so worth it!! 
It's hard to see but they have a rainbow shaped nose piece, it's just right.
They do brake more frequently then her other metal frames.

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