Saturday, October 6, 2012

Claire,007, Super Spy!

We went camping this summer and Claire kept sneaking off at night to our neighbor's camp sight, well she did it twice but it was scary.  We have always taken her camping, even in the feeding tube years and that was interesting, but we have never had this deliberate, run away problem before.  When the neighbors brought her back, thank God, they went on and on about how "people like this have special hearts and she just senses that we are safe.  This little angel knew right where to go..."  Forgive me, but I couldn't take it.  I was in shock a little because I hadn't even realized she was gone and it was the middle of the night. Nate totally tapped in like a champ and listened to their speech while I "worked" on something as slowly as possible.  I am so grateful they brought her back but I just wanted to say...

1.  Claire doesn't have psychic powers.
2.  She isn't supernatural or angelic any more then any other person made by God on this planet.
3.  She is not our special pet, please don't talk to us like she is.

...instead I said thank you.

I can never give this speech because I would hate to hurt people's feelings.  Their heart is in the right place and their intention is only to love and that is exactly what I tell myself in order to keep my cool.  What happens when Claire and the other girls are old enough to understand these comments?  How weird to have people remarking on your angelic, sibling your whole life.  More on that later.

Brain storming ways to keep track of Claire camping, top of the list: Bells, glow in the dark pajamas, those shoes that light up.  We do "lock" the doors with carabeaners but she got out once when I went to the bathroom and another time through the window side when were all sitting close to the tent.  She is so sneaky.

Helpful Advice: This one come from my friend Kacey, "Ella's Mom."  Claire has always been so scary around water.  She would just keep walking and walking, then sinking, and not trying to save herself.  Sometimes she just dives straight in because she loves water but seriously, choose life Claire!  So I was sharing this dilemma with some friends and Kacey told me about the puddle jumpers.  They have been so great for all the kids, even Alice (18 months old) loves them and swims around.  having them made my summer.  Nate is gone a lot and I have never dared to take all the kids to the lake alone but with the puddle jumpers this year we did it all the time.  Tell everyone, they are awesome!


  1. We tried fitting a puddle jumper on Beau this year because he doesn't move with a life jacket on. He was still to small. Next year!! We still need to get together!!

  2. glow in the dark pajamas. lol!