Friday, October 26, 2012

Balls in the Air... Knee update

Wrote this last night:

I may have been rude to some nurses on the phone today.  I feel sorry about that; sometimes I forget that they are not the bad guy.  Claire has so much going on right now that we are dealing with on a daily basis; so much waiting for other people to get around to doing what is best for her.  When it's just one thing I keep my cool but right now...

  • Dropped Claire's broken glasses off (this is a weekly afar). 
  • Took Claire to school
  • Called to check on where the Dr's office is with her sleep study. We have to wait for Sacred Heart to call and scheduled it but we are done waiting for the insurance (I've been waiting for that for a week).
  • Called to check on Claire's knee brace we ordered weeks ago.  Oh, it's in.  Why didn't you call me?  "Well, it just came in, I think."
  • Scheduled Claire's knee brace fitting for tomorrow which required come convincing, they wanted to get her in next Wednesday.  Seriously? 
  • Got a call from school that Claire was "rubbing her eye but her eye is not red and she doesn't seem sick.  Just thought you should know."  Um, okay...
  • Got Claire off the bus.
  • Read Claire's behavior report, not good, five days in a row. 
  • Got a call from Northwest Ophthalmology, her insurance finally came through, I can scheduled the MRI! 
  • Called Sacred Heart to scheduled the sedated MRI.  The soonest they could get her in, November 8th.  (That will be  38 days after her injury!
  • Called her Pediatrician to ask if they can get that moved up, they are calling.
  • Called her Orthopedic office to see if they can get that moved up, "no, call scheduling." 
  • Went to pick up the fixed glasses and adjust the back up glasses.
  • Got a call from the Orthopedic office after our Pediatrician called and they are going to check the other hospitals in town to get Claire's MRI sooner.
  • Got a call from Orthopedic office that Deaconis can get her in on Tuesday for a sedated MRI. 
  • Talked to 
  • Deacones about Claire's MRI. 
And that was just the Claire stuff.  I'm so getting a Mocha on my way to bring Nate dinner tonight.  It sometimes gets like this with Claire; Too many balls in the air .  I think they are kind of snowballing in that the behavior problems are probably in part related to the unresolved knee issues and sleep issues.  Did I mention I hate insurance?  Being a parent is not for sissies!

Worth it!

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