Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apology Waiting to Happen

Some days I feel like I’m apologizing to every person I see; "I'm so sorry my kid pushed your kid."  I thought Claire should have a shirt, "if I push, you I like you." or "what I meant to say was hi."  Claire used to push people to get their attention or ask to play because it's faster and easier than trying to talk.  She still does that a little but unfortunately started a new pushing thing.  When she is frustrated or overwhelmed, sometimes, she pushes, whoever happens to be in her way.  It really stinks!  I think part of it is trying to escape from situations that stress her out.  She is not angry at the person she pushed.  Sure would be nice to be a behaviorist about now, there is one coming to her IEP tomorrow. 

At school the pushing is a big problem.  Claire is a very empathetic person and after she pushes someone she really does feel bad and will cry if she is scolded.  One of the sad things is that she is always pushing her favorite people at school.  I don't know why.  Sometimes while we are waiting in line for Claire's teacher to come get her class in the morning the students will tell me "I don't like Claire because Claire pushed me."  At first I wasn't sure what to say... it's not nice but they have a right to be upset that they are getting pushed.  Now I talk to them about forgiving Claire when she says she is sorry because she is learning how to be a friend.  They always come around and talk about the good things about Claire.  

She has such a big heart.  If a person is upset she will try to comfort them.  At young athletes this week one of her friends was upset and she patted his back "What happened Benjamin?  It's okay Benjamin..."   

It's okay alligator 

It can be hard out in public.  How do you explain to the other moms on the play ground that she really isn't trying to hurt anyone, she is reacting and your kid was standing there, so sorry?  I don't explain, just apologies.  I don't want people to think Claire is mean but I don't want her to be hearing us constantly excusing her inappropriate behavior.  I don't want her disability an excuse. 

We went to the children’s museum a few times while Claire was out of school with her knee injury.  All four of us girls were seriously stir crazy being stuck at home with grumpy Claire and no Daddy to brake up our day (Nate has been gone a lot sense Claire got hurt, Air Force).  Claire wasn't walking well and in a little bit of a mood at the museum but I brought the double stroller and I thought it was for the best.  She was in a big, fat, ugly mood at home and she was a lot happier to be out distracting herself.  

At the children's museum she kept pushing the same little kid and his mom was so nice but how many times is it okay when your two year old is being pushed by a six year old (fortunately the size of a three year old)?  Claire spent the end of our trip in the stroller.  Sorry... 

Alice hitching a hide, Go Abby! 

Claire loves playing doctor and patient. 

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