Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Big Day! (Kindergarten)


After a full day of rest Monday Claire woke up for her first day of school in a fabulous mood.  Fortunately, the little girls slept in and we got to get ready just the two of us after some cuddling and Wonder Pets.  Hair braided, sporting her new outfit and tote Claire skipped down the hill to her bus and jetted up the stairs.  She was ready for school!


See ya Mom                         Just cute

 She couldn't wait to get on the bus and the bus aid was so happy to see her.  She has the same helper from her first year at preschool, what a blessing.  

And Claire is off!

 blowing kisses 

Claire gets home from school with a huge smile like a celebrity exiting her limo...

Me- How was your day?
Claire- Good
Me- who did you see?
Claire- Mayer (she is still working on the Ms part)
Me- What did you do?
Claire- Push
Me- Oh, did you say sorry and then keep your hands on your own body?
Claire- Yes, and read books and bite and poke eye (pointing at her arm then eye) 

Yikes, end of conversation.  

P.S. She did this last year and I would call to check and everything was fine, no biting or poking so I'm not too worried. 

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  1. She looks like she had a wonderful day. She couldn't have looked any cuter! I hope the rest of the week continues so well. When I talked to Riley this morning about going back to kindergarten he says "NO KINDERGARTEN" He changed his tune pretty quickly but still worries me a bit.