Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet Claire, The Book

There were a few reasons I wanted to make a getting to know you book for Claire to bring to school with her this year.  
  • Give her an opportunity to share with her teachers some of the things she enjoys, just like every kindergartner would. 
  • Introduce Claire to her new teachers. 
  • Share a little about special situations in her home life like being a military family and having younger sisters.
  • Talk about down syndrome.
  • Be open about some challenges Claire experiences.
  • Share Claire's strengths and accomplishments. 
  • Thank her teachers for choosing to teach in an integrated classroom and let them know how important that is to us.
  • Let staff know that Claire is a very loved and very special girl with a team of family and friends behind her who support and love her tremendously. 
With that in mind, hope it's not too over the top.  She is really excited to bring her book to open house tomorrow.  She asked me to read the page about the things she loves over and over.  It was so cute and totally worth it even if it was just to make her feel special. 


There are a lot of Super things about me:
I am very friendly!
I like to help!
I am adopted!
I caught a fish!
I have Down Syndrome!
I LOVE school!

My Family is really great!  We are the Leitz family and we love having fun together: camping, swimming, playing games, walking, boating…
I am the big sister in my family.  My little sister Makenna is 2 years younger than me and Alice is 4 years younger than me.  We have three gilrs and
Mommy and Daddy!
We help children who don’t have family to take care of them sometimes.  It’s called foster care.   I like to play with the kids who come to stay,
especially the babies.

I love a lot of things but what I love the most is playing with my sisters.

Tea parties
Dress up…
We play, play, play!

playing with friends,
dancing in the kitchen,
reading books, my dog…

Mary Poppins,
going on dates with
Mom and Dad,
singing, spaghetti
and so much more.

I have Down Syndrome; that just means that I have an extra Chromosome.  Sometimes I need a little extra help to think things through and it really helps when people explain what’s up and give me some time to figure it out.  I definitely don’t let this chromosome slow me down, I love to learn and have fun!

Am I rock’en this extra chromosome or what?

I have friends, young and old,
who have Down Syndrome too
(and lots of friends who don’t). 
We go to Special Olympics,
horseback riding and DS
connections together. 
I love all my friends.

My hero is my Daddy,
not just because he is totally awesome,
which he is, but because he works to keep us safe.  My Daddy, Nate, is in the Air Force.  Sometimes he goes away and that makes me sad because I love to spend time with my Daddy.  
He always comes home and gives me lots of hugs.

I love to make people laugh.

I love to make new friends and saying hello to people!  I’m working on having meaningful conversations.  I am good at asking “what is your name?” and getting better at “can I play with you?”  Thank you for helping me be a kind friend because I just love people! 

Sometimes I feel sad and have a hard time listening and following along but I love it when people take time to help me cheer up.  I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and sometimes my tummy hurts.  Sometimes I get distracted.  Thank you for being patient with me.

I ride a white horse named sugar.  She helps me stay strong and healthy.
I am so good at swimming!
I love gymnastic.
I like going to the library and reading books.

I love music and performing at Kindermusik.
I go to school and ride the bus.
I go to Sunday school.
I ride my Buzz Lightyear bike.
I love bowling and cheering everyone on.
I can help and put away my dishes.
I can walk my dog, Deacon.

Thank you for creating an environment where I can learn and be with my friends!
Thank you for teaching me
Thank you for being my friend

Smiles, Encouragement, Hugs


  1. This is amazing! I wish all parents did this!!!

  2. Tami, this is wonderful!! What a great idea & how fun for Claire to be able to share it. Very useful information for her teachers.

  3. This is such a wonderful idea!! I need to do something like this. Especially with all his signs he knows. That way they know what he is saying.