Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

 Dear Friends and Family,

Every morning we wake up to the sound of beloved sisters playing together in their room. "Claire, lay down. I will change your diaper, lay down please." Makenna is such a little Mommy! "Dust, dust, dust" Claire sings to herself as she cleans up her room with a dried out baby wipe leftover from yesterday's fun. Opening the door to a "good morning Mommy!" greeting, the girls run over anticipating the big decision, what is for breakfast. As long as one ingredient is peanut butter they are satisfied. We sing songs as we eat our "toast, toast, I like it a lot. Toast, toast, when will it pop?" So many perfect mornings; there are no little things, no insignificant moments. The seemingly small are brush strokes of a larger picture. The work of art that forms my life, the lives of these beautiful girls. Every moment is in the maker's hands. We are so blessed to have been given three amazing gifts, three little girls. 

 If I said Makenna was looking forward to her third birthday December 27th it would be an understatement. Makenna cannot have a conversation with anyone without her mentioning the big day. “I will be three on my birthday, three candles on my cake... but I'm not having cake. I want triangle brownies... I am going to be so big and ride a sheep!” We saw mutton busting at the fair and her mind is made up, when she is three, she wants to ride a sheep, but it has to be a white one, not a black one. 

Makenna and Uncle Garrett after a caroling carriage ride.

Claire is still our friendly little sweetheart. She turned five in June and lives for “dates” with Dad and Mom. Even just taking her on a milk run, if we call it a date, it makes her day. There are not many days we go without princess dress up. She is convinced of her adorableness in a puffy ballerina skirt and rightly so. Claire also loves to paint.

 Claire was the happiest cow in the nativity story at church.

Baby Alice had her first birthday on the 14th. She has such a sweet little personality. She loves to follow her sisters around and clap along with their songs. Alice always has a smile and a little wave to say “hi.” She really is a doll.

 Nate and Alice's 
(first carousel ride)

Claire and Alice at Alice's birthday party.

Nate has been all over this year. After finishing his deployment this summer he worked out of Moses Lake through November, loving visits from our Ephrata family. We are excited to have him back flying out of Spokane. What a great dad he is, most of his free time is spent playing dress up and having tea parties. We started running together and Nate gets lots of encouragement from onlookers pushing our bright red triple jogger. It's kind of like having the float to our own little parade and everyone stops to look and our little girls wave like princesses in training. 

 Nate and Claire enjoyed camping and swimming this summer.

I have been enjoying Kindermusik, preschool co-op, gymnastics and much more with my girls. Young Athletes, the Jr. program for Special Olympics, moved to Spokane this year and we are all having a blast participating. We even made the news in October, Down Syndrome awareness month. I have been volunteering with PAVE, helping families navigate their IEPs (Individual Education Plan). I also was invited to share a little about my family and what inclusion has meant to us to some of the parents of typical children in integrated classrooms. It has been a lot of fun and I look forward to continuing.

Girls on a pumpkin picking hay ride, look close you can see Dad.
Please check out our blog. There are lots of stories about Down Syndrome awareness, humorous parenting blunders and being a military family,
God bless and Merry Christmas

The Leitz Family



  1. As always Tami I love your blog and the adorable pictures. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Are you still making the headbands or is that project over?

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas letter, Tami. I really loved the pictures and the way you tell about your family and your adventures. Each of you is very precious to us!
    Merry Christmas!!