Thursday, October 6, 2011

You've Got Mail

At Claire's preschool they are learning about mail.  Families are encouraged to send letters to put in the class mail box.  Last night we wrote our first letter to school.  Honestly, I was mostly doing it for Claire's teacher. I'm always looking for things I can do from home to help out or encourage them.  However, I was surprised at Claire's reaction to the letter.  She LOVED it! I wonder what she will do at school when Michelle pulls it out.  She was so into it.  I wrote the letter using words and pictures, made it very simple and repetitive so she could read along.  I read it twice and then she read it over and over.  When I told her she could take it to school in the morning she hopped right into bed anticipating tomorrow.  She was particularly excited to show it to Lisa, one of the teachers who has a sign for her name (Claire loves sign language, but that's for another post). I'm so excited for her. We will have to be righting more letters.


  1. Oh! I'd love a letter! I think it would be so fun to have our kids write back and forth through the mail to each other! Great idea, Tami!

  2. I love the letter you guys wrote/drew. I still remember my mom letting us make her shopping list out of pictures we cut out of magazines when I was little. That's great!

  3. Love it!!!!! She's adorable. I miss Claire!!!