Monday, October 31, 2011

The Wonder Pets Save Mommy

Day 31!  (31 days for blogging for Down Syndrome awareness, AKA 31 for 21)

We made it, thanks for all the comments and encouragement Facebook and blog friends.

Honestly, not sure where to start tonight, it's been a hard couple of days with the little cutie.  My sister-in-law Jennifer totally came and saved the day.  Truth, Some days Down Syndrome is hard.  I'll spare you the list of reasons why and just say I had to apologize to Claire for loosing my temper, sigh.  

We belong together babe.  You are a precious gift from God.  I know we have hard days but life wouldn't be the same without you.  I love you my little love-bug. XoXo

 Priceless, this is just so my life right now.  
We just take turns.

 Lenny (Alice the hamster), Tuck (Claire the turtle) and Ming Ming (Makenna the duckling) too.  
We are wonder pets and we'll save you! 

Sister love

 Alice and Makenna at Kindermusik this morning
 Candy at EWU with Auntie Jennifer 

 "sad face" 

 Showing off her "pumpkin guts"

  Pumpkin puzzle 
I love the after fun, paint smeared faces. 


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