Monday, October 10, 2011

Team Claire

Time for the Buddy Walk pictures
"Step Up For Down Syndrome 2011"

While I was getting us all checked in Claire found and fell in love with the Coeur d' Alene cheer leaders. I thought I had lost my moment of opportunity and we would have to relive the cuteness later. As I was telling my mom "bummer, I missed it," a group of eight cheer leaders came bounding up to ask us "where is Claire?  She is so cute!  We only left to get our cameras.  Will you take our picture with Claire?"  
Claire and Joel 
Claire and Daddy
Grandma and Makenna walk with enthusiasm
Auntie Jennifer and Uncle Garrett walk with Papa and Claire
Team Claire, what a great group.  
We are so blessed.
Our Family
crossing and finish line "Go Claire!"
Claire with her good friend Benjamin
Makenna showing off her nose paint and balloon
Baby sister Alice

The Down Syndrome awareness walk brings me tears of joy every year.  I love seeing all the beautiful families and how they interact.  The smiles of pride on the children's faces as they cross the finish line are just priceless.  Can we do this once a month?  I just can't say enough, it awesome!

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