Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stranger Danger

Today we walked into the lab, Claire looks up at me with those big blue eyes, holds out her finder and says "ough Mommy."  She knows, darn it!  

This is the first time she has actually cried getting her blood drawn.  I know, weird.  She has a crazy high pain tolerance and her love of stranger's attention usually distracts her from what the stranger (phlobotomist) is actually going to do to her little chubby hand.

Struggling, sobbing, darn it, maybe short term memory loss had it's up side. 

"I'm so sorry you had to get an oughy honey but now you can show everyone your cool band-aid."

"Cool" she tells me choking back her tiers.

She hops down and asks her nurse to kiss the band-aid.  "Do you want a sticker?" the nurse asks.  "No, just band-aid" Claire replies and dashes off to the next available passer by "band-aid, kiss it" she tells them and every single person we pass on our way to the cafeteria.  Oh Claire, you crack me up.  We got at least five "oh, nice band-aid" six "pretty hair flower" and ten "oh she is so cute."  Only one grump leave me alone stair from a older man in the lobby.  Of course, Claire doesn't pick up on these social ques and needed to be redirected.  She just really wanted to say hi and he just didn't seem to be listening.  Points for trying sweet heart.  Guess we will work on "stranger danger" another day. 

 Showing off her band-aid
 Mmmmmm frozen yogurt makes everything better.

P.S. We get frozen yogurt from the cafeteria after painful appointments.  It's cheaper then the parking and even Mom enjoys it.  At our catholic hospital there is a life sized statue of Jesus in the cafeteria.  The kids always ask to "sit by Jesus."  My friend Meaghan had a kiddo in foster care who asked "why doesn't everyone want to sit by Jesus?"  I miss that little guy.  As we were leaving Claire was like "BY JESUS!"

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  1. Poor baby, Ella feels your pain!! Can they not find veins in the inside of her elbow? Seems like a less painful place. Is this just a routine blood test or is something going on? We actually had the whole stranger awareness thing written into Ella's IEP, she hugs just about every parent in her school (of kids not in her class) and it takes forever to get out of school! I hate to be like that, but not everyone is nice!