Saturday, October 8, 2011

Put a Little Corn On It

As I sit here, bag of frozen corn on my bum knee I am reminded what a hard worker miss Claire really is.  I am a runner and had to start going to physical therapy after an old volleyball injury flared up with vengeance.  First day in PT I was moaning with effort thinking, if Claire can do it every week, gosh darn it, I can do it too!  To lighten the mood and get a little work out in herself my wonderful therapists does everything with me (she is so cool).  Its awesome even though she always makes me look like a wet noodle after having two babies in the last three years.  I'm trying to keep up with her while doing it all just right, SO HARD!  It takes so much more brain power then I ever thought it would.  Tricia would ask me how I am doing, my response, "my brain hurts, and my butt" :) Seriously, try to do a squat without letting your knees go past your shoe laces. it's hard. 

GO CLAIRE!  You are such a champ.

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