Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puffy = Popcorn

 I don't think it has anything to do with Down Syndrome, just a Claire thing, it is so easy to tell when she is not feeling 100%, she gets so puffy.  We acctually had her tested for allergies many times because she would be super grumpy all day, then get rings around her eyes, then she would cry and her face would puff up like a balloon.  Nope, totally fine, just what happens.

Well, today was a puffy day. She wined all through day and was just not herself.  We had plans to go swimming in the evening but I knew it would be a total desaster if Claire went, judging by her facial swelling.  However, I had already told them we were going swimming, there by violating parenting guide line number seven...

#7 Never promise your child stuff because inevitably it wont work out and they will be devastated and you will be hearing about how you betrayed them for the next three months.

I did not want to visit the repercussions if we didn't go, AKA major Makenna melt down.  So my wonderful parents took Makenna while I stayed home with Claire.  She was sad to miss out but fortunately I have the magic treat that trumps all others, POP CORN and a movie.  Rare and coveted at our house (I hate the mess), it's the perfect thing for a puffy day.

Unfortunately, because we don't eat popcorn we don't have any of those handy throw in the microwave, push the button ones.  We got to make it the old fashioned way. 

Place 2 T vegetable oil and 3/4 C popcorn kernals in a large pot with lid on Medium heat.
Once kernels begin to pop, sake the pot.
When the "pop" is three seconds apart take your pot off the heat.
Sprinkle with salt (and add melted butter if desired).

 Popcorn for Claire, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers for Mom and we are all good.

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