Wednesday, October 26, 2011


More to come on PAVE but I just had to say something about it.  I just got back from my fifth PAVE training working to be a volunteer helping families negotiate the IEP proses.  Confused?  I hate acronyms too.

PAVE- Partnership for Action Voices for Empowerment= a non-profit organization, exists to share information and resources with people whose lives are linked to children and adults with disabilities. SO COOL!

IEP- Individual Education Plan= An IEP is designed to meet the unique educational needs of one child, who may have a disability, as defined by federal regulations. The IEP is intended to help children reach educational goals more easily than they otherwise would.

Anyway, I'm going to help people with their IEPs. I'll talk on the phone, go to meetings and serve on a board.  It can be so stressful and overwhelming alone.  I'm really excited to get involved because it is such a huge need for so many in our community.  I wish I had someone with me at my first IEP meeting if only to just sit by me, take notes and then help me sort through everything that just happened twenty four hours later.

(Disclaimer, I do not feel like this with the amazing team we have this year.)

If you know anyone who needs help with their IEP, seriously, contact PAVE.  They are federally funded and in every state, even rural Alaska. AMAZING!

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  1. That's really awesome! What a great way for you to give back. I'll have to look this up...I feel so guilty sometimes that we have been so fortunate in our processes and would love to share my experience with others who struggle a little more.