Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Panties Story

By popular demand, I give you the panties story.

Claire's preschool teacher called me the other day to "tell me something."  I braced myself for the worst, Claire is pulling hair, she broke someone's glasses... here it comes.

"Um, I flushed Claire's panties down the toilet."

"HAAAAA! Really?" I reply, relieved.

Apparently, Claire had an accident and Michelle was cleaning off poop in the potty and flushed to help released some stubborn dodo.  She lost her grip.  Right down they went.  I must say, it made my day.  Our kind of people flush panties!  So grateful for you Michelle.

I guess while we are on the topic I should talk about my arch nemesis, potty training.  If you want to drive a mommy batty, make her potty train the same kid for three years solid.  Yes, we are still potty training.

Last year Claire was doing amazing and pretty much had it.  Eighteen months of putting her on the toilet every hour and she was staying dry in her panties.  Then, this summer, the dreaded tonsils/adenoids removal.  It was terrible!  They had to put her IV in her foot because her vanes are so hard to find.  Not that big of a deal but then we spent a few days in the hospital recovering (she didn't eat for 9 days) and she couldn't walk let alone get out of bed.  Then when we got home she was a total wreck for two or thee weeks.  After it was all over she just didn't care about the potty anymore. 


Now she always goes when you put her on, she just doesn't want to get form point A to point B. B is for bathroom.  Even bribing doesn't work, we have an awesome stash of potty candy.  She is just not motivated by sugar.  Unfortunately, I am and I really have to watch who is eating it :)   The accidents are getting farther apart but she is almost never initiating the potty trips.  I think it is helping being back at school.  There is just something magical about someone who is not your mom ask you to go to the bathroom and all the other kids going on their own is such great motivation.

Some days everything just smells like pee.  Makenna is potty training too, sigh.  I comfort myself with the knowledge that most of my friends with children in the same situation are not fully potty trained ether.  This is normal, it's okay, she is doing good, it's not going to last forever... just don't ask.

P.S.  Little girl panties really are the cutest thing!  I just love folding them and putting them in the dresser, smiles. 

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  1. Oh I LOVE the flushed-panties story. That's truly hilarious.

    Interesting, my son too was potty trained and then had a big setback for his T&A surgery too. It took quite awhile to get him back on track, but we're there now. Keep on keeping on and you will get there!! Oh, and like Claire it took a really long time for Pacey to actually ask to use the bathroom. Kid can hold it a LONG time. Anyway, I don't know if you did any signing with Claire, but Pacey started signing "potty" well before he would say it verbally. Maybe that would help?

    I'm about to start potty training my daughter and I suspect it will be harder than my son...she's a LOT more opinionated ;)