Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nicest Stereotype

"Children with Down Syndrome are so loving."

"You are so lucky to get one of God's special angels."  

"There is a special place in heave for people like you."

It's the nicest stereotype anyone ever had to deal with but a stereotype none the less.  I get a variation of this one in about 75% of our intersections with strangers. While taking to a good friend this week she laughed, "if they only knew what Claire was like." 

This part is hard to explain because it isn't that Claire isn't wonderful, special, a gift from God... she totally is, she is just not happy all the time. She is a people person through and through.  Sit and read her a book and she is your new best friend.  She is always saying hi to, well, everyone.  But just like any other preschooler she gets in fights with her siblings, doesn't want to share, gets her feelings hurt, throws tantrums, talks back.

Moral of the story, Claire is not happy all the time but she is almost always friendly, to strangers.

Claire on the hay ride at Green Bluff.
Wonder who these nice people are?  I have no idea! 
Making friends, once again, no clue who she is talking to but they were nice.

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