Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nice to Meet you

“Do you think Red Robin is in his kitchen? Lets go see him!” Makenna exclaims as loud as a two year old but you would never guess that was her age. She is such a talker and always has been. I joke to my husband, entering the restaurant, I just don't know who she could have gotten that from, knowing fell well it was both of us. Claire is the definition of outgoing and leads our group says hi to every person we pass. Friendliness is rarely something we lack right down to the drooling baby on my hip.   

We were out with Grandma at, you guessed it, Red Robin. After the delicious burgers were devoured with a shameful amount of tartar sauce a man walked up to talk with us. Nate and I weren't surprised, this happens about a fourth of the time we are out. He is happy to meet the family and learn that Claire is five years old. He has a six year old boy who also has Down Syndrome. “Claire talks so well. I watched her all through dinner. I am so impressed” the man tells us. We chat about school, invite him to special Olympics, he invites Nate to the father's network, we really have to get around to that one of these days.

We went to the fair a few weeks ago and ran into no less then five families who have children with DS. As we passed through the crowds I could hear people whisper, “that little girl has Down Syndrome.” It doesn't bother me a smidgen. Every time we meet a family we are encouraged. They instantly love Claire. It is such a blessing meeting all these awesome people. I can't imagine our life any other way.

Spokane Interstate Fair 2011

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  1. Haha, we're always on the "lookout" too. My husband and I both know instantly what the nudge means. We recently moved from CA to MN and one of the things I love is that there seem to be so many more families with a member who has Ds out and about (for whatever reason). A fun club to be part of :)

    Love the blog, consider me a new reader!