Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Brothers, Big Uncles

Claire and Harley
 Makenna and Tony

I told you that Claire is adopted but not that I also have two AMAZING brothers who were also adopted through foster care.

Where to begin...

My parents had triplest, crazy I know.

 Garrett, Tami (me), Brice
 That's me and my two triplet brothers.

Then they decided "four wouldn't be so bad but the potential to have two sets of triplets was, yes, crazy."  So I grew up just us three.  After we all graduated and they became empty nesters (possibly not a real word) they were like, hey we have energy, we love kids, we want to make a difference in someone's life.  So they started doing foster care.  Long story short, after a lot of temporary placements called respite they decided God was leading them to adopt and soon after my first little brother Harley became a permanent part of the Klein family in 2006.

 Our neighbor has a big boat, isn't he cute?!
 Harley's adoption

Well that was awesome!  Let's do it again so along came Anthony, affectionately called Tony in 2008. Tony was adopted the week after Claire.

Tony Klein with Holly the family dog. 

Tony's adoption 

I don't think my parent ever would have guessed it but now they have a family of seven.

 Four brothers! I'm still working on the sister adoption, they aren't going for it.

 Best part of brothers? SISTER-IN-LAWS
Nate (my husband), Claire, Harley, Me (Alice in the belly), Breanna (Brice's lovely wife), Brice, Mom, Jennifer (Garrett's lovely wife), Tony, Dad, Garrett, Makenna

Harley and Tony love our girls and the girls love them back.  They all pray for each other (unprompted) every night and look forward to their times together. The boys are so good with them!  

Here are some cute pics from today at the soccer game.

 Makenna watching the game with my Dad
Tony and Claire
 Harley and Makenna
They won!

Thank you God for adoption, brothers, daughters, sister-in-laws and little uncles.  What a beautiful family you have made.


  1. Wonderful post! How neat that you are a triplet :) I love to see the multiple generations of adoption too...there are so many different ways that families form.

  2. Tami, loved this blog and the photos!! What a blessing for your little brothers and your kids to be able to grow up together!!