Friday, October 14, 2011


We did it, bight the bullet and got Clarie an iPad.  What an amazing tool!  Why did I wait so long to get one of these?  There are so many awesome learning apps.  Claire loves to play with it.  It's amazing how fast they figure it all out.  We have to all take turn, even Mom have to take turns.

 This is a really nifty game for learning sight words.  Its called "special words."  It comes with a tun of common word flash cards but you can make our own too and record your voice, so cool.  She loves to do our names.

Claire's favorite games are "duck duck moose."  They are nursery rhyme and kids songs in an interactive environment.  They move around and explore, so many fun surprises.  This one is the itsy bitsy spider, she is singing alone.   

 Happy Saturday!

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  1. We have one too and Pacey just loves it. His favorite app right now is called Tozzle. It costs $1.99 and has a ton of jigsaw puzzles. He will play it for as long as I will let him!! I'm going to check out your recommendations.