Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Good Day

While Claire was at school Nate and I had a wonderful morning doing our favorite thing.  We walk around Manito Park, with coffee.  If you haven't been you are seriously missing out.  It's like God speaks to me beautiful, go.

Claire and Makenna are busy coloring and painting while I try to MAKE Halloween costumes in two days with no husband around and company coming into town.  When will I learn?  Makenna decided they needed to be Wonder Pets, their favorite show.  So one turtle, one hamster (how is it that I thought there was a p in hamster?), one duckling and three capes here we come! Next year we may just be princess like normal people.

Anyways, Claire has been thoughtfully, meticulously, patiently, quietly, painting for an hour! Wow, she is even painstakingly putting the lid on the end of her big crayola markers.  This is so cool.  Makenna is normally the crafting instigator but Claire has been asking to color a lot the last few days.

It is so exciting when we see these mile stones concord.  Not just, oh, ya, she colors, a little and also uses it as make up (yes that happens a lot but not today!).  She was so into it!

As you can see, we also went a little crazy with the poster paint today.

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